our story + yours

Finding the Barn

Once we made the decision to open a venue, the hunt was on! We looked in town, out of town, way out of town; top floors, bottom floors; warehouses and office buildings. It was a bit overwhelming, and after a while; discouraging. Then a lead on a property came through a personal connection. A friend of a friend had a space they might be interested in renting.

We were told the property had been used for over 50 years as a square dancing hall with hardwood floors, ample space and needed amenities, so we jumped on the chance to see it.

Truth be told, the first impression was not so great.

We pulled up in an industrial park of sort and we not sure where we were suppose to go or if we were even in the right place. We saw the gate and started to pull down, what turned out to be an impressive drive, and as we got to the end the property opened up and there was a barn! We couldn't believe it and even turned to each other and said, "Wow, I was not expecting to see this here..." It wasn't the last time we would say that. The next surprise came as we walked the property and saw the potential for an amazing ceremony site, gardens, and even a greenhouse! When we walked into the barn we were once again taken aback by it's size, cathedral ceilings, hardwood floors and wood detailing.

We saw the potential right away, and it just felt right, so we took a leap of faith and began renovations. As we began to invite our vendors + industry friends to the barn to see what we were up to, we always got the same reaction we had on that first day, "Wow I was not expecting to see this here," and often here words like "hidden gem & oasis."


As we near the end of renovations, our last step is to close off the industrial views and create total privacy for our couples and their guest, but we hope that the vibe of the surroundings and the feeling of the "hidden gem" will stay with us, as it is now part of our story & our history, and one of the reasons The Rustic Lace Barn is so special.