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Cherry Cola Anyone? Yes Please!

1509226293649 (1).jpg

To us Rustic Lace has always been a barn, but the truth was the grey metal exterior was reading much more warehouse than barn. So what is it going to take to transform our building from this lackluster warehouse look to a beautiful barn? Well red paint of course! But not just any old red would do. As with all of our renovations we wanted to honor the character and history of the property, so we decided to color match the outside of the barn to the impressive 25 foot high crossbeams inside the barn. To our delight the color matched with a stunning red called Cherry Cola! 


Steve + his crew at Colorado Paint Pro did an amazing job giving our building the barn face lift it needed. With a fresh coat of Cherry Cola and bright white trim, the barn was reveled!

Due to weather restrictions (apparently a metal building stays pretty cold even with the sun is out, and fall proved not to be the ideal time to paint, who would have known!) the backside of the building and the roof are not done yet, but Steve and his crew will be out early spring 2018 to finish up the back and make the roof bright white! We are also toying with the idea of adding a copula and weather vain to complete the look.

THE RESULT: A Stunning red barn!!