Our Planning Process

Have you ever asked yourself...why is planning a wedding so complicated?

Between figuring out where to start; to researching, contacting, meeting with, choosing and booking vendors; to choosing your design and all the pieces that fit into it; to planning your day of timeline and everything in between; it can seem like a very daunting task indeed! 

Here at The Rustic Lace Barn we have taken our years of planning experience, all of our top rated vendors, and an eye for design + floral, and created our exclusive Planning Process.

The Planning Process

The Planning Process begins right after booking. First you will receive access to our Pro Planning Software chalked full of planning tools + resources, as well as your personalized Planning Portal. We use these two tools in conjunction with one another to guide you through Pre-Planning, your Planning Day, and Post-Planning, all in prep for your big day!

At the heart of our Planning Process is the almighty Checklist. The problem with most wedding checklists is that they have the poor couple running in 100 different directions all at once, and left spinning; feeling like nothing is ever getting accomplished!

With The Rustic Lace Checklist, you dive into a task, take the appropriate steps to see it through, and check it off as a job well done, before jumping on to anything else.

We have developed the checklist to build on itself logically, so that as you accomplish one point, it sets you up for success on the next. It is meant to easily guide you through one easy to accomplish step at a time. 

Your Checklist is formatted by Topics. Each Topic has it's own theme, with the first 6 Topics prepping you for your Planning Day (read more on this below) and the remaining 6 Topics are your Post-Planning Phase. 

The Planning Day

Just picture walking into your venue for a day of stress free planning fun, sitting at your head table and talking design and planning with your Rustic Lace Wedding Planner.

We will finalize your master timeline, room layout, play with linen colors, china, centerpiece ideas, and floral choices.

You will walk out of your planning day with all of the details finalized and ensure all of your vendors on the same page. With all of the major pieces in place all that's left is the fun details in Post-Planning.

Your personal Rustic Lace Wedding Planner will be there with you guiding you throughout your entire planning day and then following up with you monthly. Always there for a helping hand, any advice you need, and to help communicate with your vendors. Day of Coordination service is also included, so we will be with you until the last guest has left the barn, to ensure that everything is perfect. 

This process is perfect for all couples, but especially helpful for those planning a destination wedding or planning with a shorter time frame. 

Now that is how to plan a wedding the right way:

The Rustic Lace way!